Have some questions about our services, our company or the logo design process itself? Here are some of the more frequent ones we get asked at the shop. Click the Question to expand answers. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.

Why do we need a logo?

There are many reasons for this. First of all it attracts more clients and it gives an impression that the company is bigger and well established. Secondly normally people remember your logo rather than name at a glance.

What is the difference in having a template based logo and a customized logo?

The difference is the same as of the difference in a normal company and the best company. If the logo is unique and different it will definitely bring in more traffic to the business and people will remember the company for long.

What Packages do you offer?

Our packages totally depend on client’s needs and keeping in mind their budget. View All Packages

What is the timeframe for the initial drafts?

At Logoteams we will come up with the initial drafts in within 48-72 hours of time

Can I make some changes to the initial drafts?

Yes, once the initial designs are completed we will provide you revisions so you can play around with fonts, color, graphics etc.

How do we get the final files once we are satisfied?

Once the designs are completed, we will upload the final version in different formats on your personalized My Account area.

What formats will we get?

We will provide you the final version in different vector formats including ai, eps, etc..

What if i am not satisfied?

This happens rarely because of the quality of our designers and their work but still in order to provide our customer with 100% risk free work we have a 100% money back guarantee. so if you are not satisfied, full amount will be refunded.
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Do you Offer additional design services as well?

Yes, we are a one stop solution to your business design needs. Whether it is websites, stationery, flyers, postcards etc, we can have it done for you.

What sort of support can I expect from 'Logo Design Team' once the Logo Design process is complete?

Even once the Logo Design process is complete, we would guide you to download your file, and may interact with your printer, in case of any confusion. We also provide a lot of additional design services, and you can obtain a price advantage by ordering these services along with the Logo Design in order to enhance your company's image further. We maintain a life time storage of your files just to be of any help if you need those in the year ahead. If you have any other queries, contact us, we look forward to hearing from you. If you are not convinced, you can browse around our website, check out our extensive Logo Design portfolio, and learn why we are the ideal candidates to be your Logo Design firm! If you are like others, and are sure we can create the Logo Design of your dreams, we invite you to order your custom Logo Design now and be part of the 'Logo Design' experience!