Logoteams Succeeded On James Howard & Lewis, Accounting and Tax Service Firm By Providing Them Complete Innovative Branding

James Howard & Lewis, is an accounting, tax and consulting service provider firm located in Huoston, Texas. Company consists of 1500-2000 employees. Few years back the company was facing problem in boosting their revenue. James Howard & Lewis, accounting and tax service firm, approached Logoteams. The organization felt limited by its current name and required a new brand to capture the full range and value of its service offerings. They sought guidance in transforming their brand as they faced a turbulent marketplace and increasing competitive pressures.

What We Did

  • Rebranded the company
  • Increased awareness and reach
  • Generated new leads
  • Grew sales

How We Did It

  • Brand audit
  • In-depth market research
  • Modernized culture and brand
  • Developed new digital experience

Challenges Faced

James Howard & Lewis, accounting & tax service firm needed a way to deliver its ability to provide guidance to their clients who were looking for ways to stay competitive, especially in an industry that has been facing a scarcity of top young talent. The organization also needed to prove their ability to provide vital knowledge and real-world leadership during a volatile time. To meet these challenges, James Howard & Lewis needed a new branding that reflected their knowledge, capabilities and positioned them for growth within these tumultuous environments.

Solution Provided By Logoteams

We carried out a complete rebrand for James Howard & Lewis, including an in-depth assessment that gave us insight into the organization’s strengths and opportunities. We proposed a new brand position to reflect the organization’s confident execution and actionable expertise: “Insight in Action.” Logoteams helped bring the new brand to market, providing recommendations to increase engagement and improve internal communications. Working in collaboration with James Howard & Lewis’ internal team, we provided all the necessary tools to successfully implement the brand. We focused on helping the in-house team understand the methodology behind the new brand, rather than providing a strict set of guidelines.

Impact Of Innovative Branding

We made it easier for James Howard & Lewis to communicate value and services to prospective customers through new sales tools. The completely revamped site features user-friendly design, stronger brand messaging and a improved platform for sharing insights and expertise. We continue to support James Howard & Lewis through consulting and design projects.

“With Logoteams Brochure Design, Logo Design, Stationary Design and Call of Action Form, we are creating history as we are generating new leads and growing sales” Said Antonio Hayward.