Logo Design Platinum Package – Key To Success Package

Logo is the foundation of your brand – getting it right is the key to success. Let our creative team help you place a strong foundation for your brand.

Are you planning to start a business or re-branding your existing offerings? Then you need a solid brand representation to boost customer confidence.

Nowadays, every business needs to be as cost effective as possible and maximize the profit in terms of money making. Logo Design platinum package has been created for every budget marketing needs and it generates good value for money.

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Who to choose Logo Design Platinum Package?

Logo design platinum package is designed for every businesses that requires a professionally designed logo limited budget.

What’s included in the Logoteams Combo 06 Package?

Logoteams Platinum logo package gives you 10 sample logo design concept created for your business by 6 of our in-house innovative logo designers with 2 complete stationary layout that includes letterhead, envelope and business card. Also this What’s Different? 12website pages design by 4 designers with different concept and 6 revisions. Another exciting offer is about 4pages brochure design by 3 designers with different concept.

What’s Different?

  10 Logo Design Concept by 6 Logo Designers

  2 Complete Stationary Layout

  12 Pages Website Design

  4 Pages Brochure Design

  Free Animated Logo

  Unlimited revision

  Lowest Rates in the Industry

  Delivery within 2 business days

  Money Back Guarantee

  Satisfaction Guarantee

  Unique Design Guarantee

Why Choose Logoteams For Your Project?

Logoteams provides affordable and cost-effective graphic & logo design services, through our supreme design quality and client support, which makes us an ideal choice of business owners like you. Some key features of our service are:

  Logoteams is an ideal choice of design and ad organizations that outsource their projects to us!

  In-house innovative and experience designers, providing quality work.

  • No Freelancers

  Original concepts, 100% unique to your business

  Money Back Guarantee 100%

  Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%, we will keep on revising your design until you are happy.

  Premier quality customer

  Unbeatable and pocket friendly prices

  Lifetime after sales support


  10,000+ of satisfied customers